Structured Water as an Alternative Medicine

 Structured-enhanced-clustered- altered- magnetized-sacred-oxygenated-memory: all these terms have emerged in recent years to describe something we always thought was just water Are these marketing hoaxes, truly new concepts or is it possible we are rediscovering a body of knowledge we had forgotten?
Let's pretend we are able as the Time Traveler in the H.G. Wells book to dip in and out of time to find out how people thought about water and to visit with researchers who worked with this wonderful substance. We will not necessarily proceed in chronological order and the fun of it will be the ability to peek into the future to see where the water sciences may lead us. I believe we will find water, although the most common element on the planet (70% of it), also is the most elusive, fascinating and complex.

Let's set the time dial and travel back to peer into an ancient culture which had an understanding of water, and used it extensively in their healing practices. We see a ring of Tibetan monks chanting around a large vat of water. They continue this for several days and we find out they gather every year to perform this sacred work. Water thus energized assists the villagers, as they drink, in the cure of many physical ailments.  Interesting to note that the preparation of special waters and wines was considered the work of the spiritual leaders in many primitive and advanced cultures.

Let’s board the time machine and travel forward in time to the1500’s to a spiritual school of alchemistry. They do extensive work with water, with the understanding that there are numerous "types" of pure water. They are employing meticulously defined methods to collect that water and create change within it- through not only fractional distillation, but through understanding how to manipulate certain energies so as to lock them into the water and create the desired positive biological effects, i.e. healing. These dedicated people are largely misunderstood and dismissed as mystical quacks today; yet we see these early Christian and Jewish healers understood things which we are only now rediscovering. The true work of alchemistry (God’s chemistry) was healing the body and promoting longevity.

Water and the sacred were intimately connected, and water was understood as the metaphor of all life’s processes. As it was a part of religious ceremony in almost every culture, it held a central role in mans thinking. So how did water get demystified and become so neglected that we began dumping our waste into it?

Much of our modern hydrology and understanding is based on this humanistic approach. Although a very basic and important starting point for water research, we must understand that it is just that- a starting point. That we discovered the components behind water should not remove our wonder for it but only strengthen it but for a while water was taken for granted in our pride that we understood it we became ignorant of its power.

In consternation we quickly push the dial forward once more to find that within the last few decades science has indeed begun to come full circle, returning water to that place of wonder with the mathematical tools to define it, as quantum physics begins to revisit concepts like the aether, quantum flux, and the neutral void. We are intrigued to discover a gentleman, Yul Brown, who tells us that water as H20 is definitely an oversimplification. H20 is one of approximately thirty six different arrangements of the 0 and H molecules! Although H20 is the predominant structure found, other arrangements exist formed around the following variables: the charge of positive and/or negative on both the hydrogen and oxygen molecules; and the ratios in which the three isotopes of hydrogen are present. All these combinations create a vast array of structures in the water.

We gladly take a break from our travels to spend more time here and ponder technological advances such as magnetic resonance imaging, MRI, which use the water molecule as a mapping tool. Similarly, we thrill at the findings of nuclear chemists as they begin to understand the difference in waters as they work with many types of 'heavy" water, studying the effects of radioactive bombardment and irradiation through certain light spectrums. We study the photo-chemical effect on water, and find the state changes that create such as the hydroxyl molecule, have been well documented. Although lost to most because of scientific language, we discover many papers have been written about state changes in water molecules through the influence of external electromagnetic fields. One of the goals of the Institute of Advanced Water Sciences is to collect these papers from various disciplines- electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, photochemistry, etc. and bring them together into one data base of research that deals with understanding the anomalous properties of water.

What has only recently begun to be researched in the West is how altered waters work within the body to create positive or negative biological responses. Grants and necessary funding for this type of research are scarce due to the hateful response to the work of Jacques Benveniste. We travel back in time a bit therefore to find out why this man's research was so violently opposed. Benveniste is a well established French scientist working in the 1980's. He and his research team are discovering that water has the ability to hold memories of a solution that had been diluted out of it -something homeopathy has been saying all along. Jacques' article in Nature Magazine, which is one of the most influential of scientific journals, represents a marked departure from the known paradigm that exists about water, and has far reaching implications for the pharmaceutical industry. Water could be programmed to heal if we only understood it well enough! The medical and academic community has such a violent reaction against his findings that he loses his research grant and ability to function as a scientist. This paradigm shaking discovery completely bankrupted a known and respected scientist for simply proving that water had memory. Years later he was able to piece back his life and continue research which goes on to this day. It only goes to expose the difficulty to be faced in challenging and changing concepts that have been well established in the academic community and supported by the pharmaceutical industry.

Let's board the time machine and head back to the present where we will visit the fascinating research of many good people before heading for the future. Fortunately we find the Eastern European and Far East medical communities are not under the control of western pharmaceutical interests. Furthermore the Japanese medical community understands the role of magnetism and its interplay on the human bioenergetic system. Centuries of wisdom were gained through acupuncture and the charting of meridian points and the mindset is much more attuned to alternative medicine.

Several years back the Japanese began a research project on sterilizing water. Intense magnetic fields polarized the water, killing bacteria and inactivating viruses. Although the sterilization worked, people who drank this water were having negative side effects. This prompted a study on the effects of different frequencies and pulse rates in magnetized water and the biological responses to them. Many types of water have emerged as a result of this research: pi water, chi water, tachyon water, the waters of Dr. Lorenzen, and many others. These waters have all had different types of energy encapsulated in the water molecules or clusters, to such a level of stabilization that it can be delivered to biological systems. Russian and Japanese researchers were also primary developers of what happens through the electrolysis process-splitting the water molecules with charged positive and negative electrodes. They could rearrange the water molecules by carefully recombining to elicit desired biological responses. For example, the oxygen rich alkaline water with its o and h groupings has a definite positive biological effect in assisting people to balance the body's pH. The work of Doctor Rheems, here in America would be the best research to show how important pH is in the body and how it is the master regulator for all sorts of functions in the body. Drinking alkalized waters, especially for those whose western diet tends to be very acidic, assists the body to balance its chemistry. All sorts of issues that the body was under too much of a stress load to handle can now be dealt with by the body's own natural healing abilities. There are various companies today who are attempting to create either point of use products, such as electrolysis machines, or actual beverages using this science that originated in Japan and Russia.

Here in the states the work of Doctor Glen Rein at the Heart Math Institute was one of the first funded research projects that began to measure energies in water both those from the electromagnetic range and those from the non-hertz or phase canceled electromagnetic range, sometimes called scaler waves. Doctor Rein was able to measure through a modified UV spectrum different state changes that took place within water that had been exposed to certain electromagnetic fields and non-hertz fields- including the biomagnetic energy of healers and other energy patterns that science heretofore had not been able to quantify. Dr. Rein found that water will always respond to any energy throughout the electromagnetic field whether from sound waves, magnetic fields induction voltages, radio waves, microwaves, infrared spectrum, light spectrum, ultra violet light, x-rays, cosmic rays, gamma rays, and on up through the spectrum. All of these have some influence on water. Many of these influences are momentary. The water molecules change their bonding and structuring accordingly, but as soon as the field is removed the water immediately starts going back to its normal, chaotic state.

Further research by many independent researchers found that certain ions introduced into the water, especially colloids, were able to prolong the state change in the water. Many of them could be held in solution long enough for the water to be brought to market and produce a biological benefit for the consumer. One of the first waters like this was Willard’s water that has been available for several decades.

Another discovery that has come out of all this research is that when we apply energies to water, the larger molecular structures, which were usually grouped around ions, are broken down into smaller water clusters. These smaller water clusters are better able to hydrate in the body. We could say that the smaller water clusters make for wetter water. The surface tension is lowered and it is easier to pass from extracellular to intracellular fluid. Many waters are emerging with this feature where they have put some kind of electrical field or charge across the water to break up the water clusters and make it cellularly available. In addition researchers have discovered that the presence of hydrogen in its -H form is the ultimate intracellular food and that by caging this hydrogen, usually with some potassium silicate, it can be bioavailable. My own research with some of the healing springs in the United States has discovered that many of them had an abundance of hydrogen present in the source spring. Indeed hydrogen's function in the body is as the ultimate antioxidant.

We will step back into our time machine once again to visit Austria in the 1920's. There we find Victor Schauburger, a forester who through his unique intuitive observation of natural phenomenon discovered many of the wondrous secret properties by which water enlivens itself. As he began to study the characteristics of flow, density and temperature in relation to water he discovered that water naturally, without the intrusion of man, sought to imbue itself with the geomagnetic energies that pervade our planet. He observed the value of vortical flow implosion where the water would spin in on itself moving away from the expansive, heat, death, and falling apart energy into the internal, centering, chilling, enlivening energy. He began to develop a spectrum of ideas and inventions that could have revolutionized the world, but again the humanistic paradigm of the day was so strong and so violently opposed to this man's work that little of it remains in actual use. There have been many people who have continued his research, notably-Grander, William Baumgartner, and Callum Coates. Others, including myself, have continued to pioneer his understanding into applicable technologies and uses that will assist humanity in understanding the beauty and wonder of water, and making it available in its pure living state. We have learned to work with the understanding that water, given the proper boundary layers and understanding of how it desires to flow, will energize itself. Sadly like everything that is true and good and life affirming to man there will always be numerous counterfeits from individuals who in their greed will say and do anything if they think they can garnish dollars from the consumer. For example: there are companies claiming to have“oxygen” water merely because they put O2 gas in water which does nothing.

It is not enough for our work to simply have a biological effect due to the addition of some types of energy patterns. We want to know that those effects are indeed efficacious to our health and well being. In my own research I have found many waters that have profound biological effects. Some of them would momentarily create a seemingly positive biological effect, but in fact were not good for the body's system like caffeine or cocaine. These energies weaken the body for a short term gain. When a new technology emerges it takes time for those with the proper training and understanding to turn this new knowledge into a reputable science; time to break through the old thinking patterns, to let go of knowledge that would hinder them from the greater discovery. I have the fortunate privilege of working with many people in the bio-medical community that indeed do understand that structured and enhanced water is the future for healing of this planet.
Steady your hands on the dial now as we move back to the present for a look at one more body of research-the work of Masaru Emoto. He was the first Japanese scientist that began to create a photographic record of water structuring as it takes place in the water crystal. He created a method where water was frozen and photographed at 200-500 magnifications so that crystalline forms were captured. By repeating the experiments over and over again, he began to see consistent patterns emerge with these different structured waters, whereas with random water there would be chaotic crystalline structure or none at all.

Now the fun part! What will the future offer us as we board our time machine and head for unexplored territories in the water sciences? Last year I worked with a team of researchers that developed structured water for use in a study in Israel using rats infected with Type 2 diabetes. Results were exciting enough to have many traditional biomedical researchers conceding that there may be something to structured waters after all.

Water is the ultimate delivery system -the bodies’ internet connecting every system to the other. It will become the medicine of the future if we can just unlock a few more of her secrets. In Canada water is being explored as an information carrier. Researchers claim that one cc of water has been programmed to hold a terabyte of information. That and or gates can be programmed into water, the super computers of the future like the one in your scull will be made of mostly water. Water is the information medium of the future. And can it even solve our energy problems?

I see us bringing back the balance of water in nature-the planet's lifeblood- to nourish us again. Water is the sustainer and purifier of our planet. It is no mistake that both the planet and our bodies consist mainly of water. Why should it therefore surprise us that the greatest changes we could make for it and ourselves should deal with this mysterious substance? I hope the next glass of water you drink will transport you to a new place as you have a little more knowledge of the potential you are holding in your hand.

This information is provided to help you better understand water’s unique composition.
Compliments of Commit to be Fit Inc.