Restructured Water Restructured Your Life

 As a health/fitness consultant for over 30 years and with an interest in the field of complementary medicine, I have been introduced to many of the latest discoveries in health. Unlike most of us, I have known for well over 2 decades the importance of drinking chemically free, alkalizing, pure and healthy water. In the last 10 years, though, the structure of water has been shown to be just as important in promoting vital health. When I began to drink the water, I experienced a noticeable improvement in energy and several indicators of cellular detoxification.
Feeling I was onto something, I began to research the concept of hexagonal water. I soon discovered that there was plenty of evidence for water having structure. I also discovered that the structure of the water immediately surrounding DNA and other macromolecules was highly hexagonal. my research for more information, I found references to a Korean book written by the renowned Dr. Mu Shik Jhon who had completed extensive research to substantiate the reality of hexagonal water. His book, now published in English is The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key. The book was eye-opening and a life-changing experience. Dr. Jhon had used a variety of methods to confirm the existence of hexagonal water. He had also documented a number of ways to produce hexagonal water. But even beyond that, he had begun positive effects on biological organisms – particularly the human body.
Today, a number of hexagonal water products are available and more will follow. We are now learning how to “imprint” water with subtle energy frequencies for enhancements in cognitive function, immune function and healing and we are not far from a time when water will be used as a primary medical intervention.
There are many healthcare professionals who have used a variety of energy and biofeedback testing methods to validate the efficacy of hexagonal water. These methods show that hexagonal water is highly beneficial for the human body –capable of making a profound difference in the health and well-being of those who drink it. Furthermore, the growing number of health professionals who now use some form of hexagonal water as an adjunct to their therapies is a remarkable testament to its efficacy. Nature uses – far infrared energy, magnetic fields, vortexes and turbulence – to create an oxygen-rich, alkaline, energized and uniquely structured Hexagonal Water
One of the first steps in taking control of your health is recognizing that that your body requires a constant and consistent supply of healthy water. I see the amazing benefits of taking that good advice in my practice every single day. Understand that when I say amazing, I do not exaggerate. I have supervised turnarounds in health that are nothing less than astounding. Remember, water is the most important compound you put into your body. Therefore, it follows that health-wise, water will either be the best or the nastiest thing that you consume.
Medical researchers report that there is virtually no function or reaction in the body that can take place without the presence of water. Approximately 70% of our body weight is water and water makes up over 80% of our brain and 90% of our blood. Since water is an integral part of everything the body does, there is now evidence to indicate that insufficient hydration of the body can, in itself, lead to or exacerbate specific health conditions and illnesses.
It is common knowledge that dehydration is at the root of many diseases, that aging is a function of cellular water loss, and that 50-75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Thousands of books have been written about water in an attempt to establish the “facts,” but the simple fact remains: we have just begun to get out feet wet at the fringes of the ocean of the truth regarding water.
Pioneering research is confirming that water is not simply water – no matter how pure. Our scientific development is finally allowing us to explore the hidden qualities and characteristics that make water entirely unique – the qualities that give water “life” and “energy.” One of these characteristics is its “structure.”
Water Basics is much more than a solvent or delivery system to carry nutrients throughout our bodies. Water is the essence of life itself. It is the highway that delivers electromagnetic currents to fuel our cellular reaction. It is the resonance field through which our cells communicate. Water is involved in the transfer of data from DNA and in the transmission of vibrational information. Water transports, stabilizes signals, lubricates and structures. But, what we have just begun to realize is that a specific structural form of water as hexagonal water contributes to more efficient transport, greater stabilization, clearer signaling, superior lubrication and increased structural support.
Water Quality – more than a matter of purity
Millions of dollars are spent every day to remove the physical and chemical pollutants from our drinking water. However, even the purest water may still contain vibrational pollution. It has been said that water is the most programmable substance on the planet. This is because water has the unique ability, referred to as water’s “memory,” to retain the energetic signature of whatever is placed on it. Water even appears to have the unique ability to store and transfer this information within the human body. Also most people are unaware that ultra pure water is not the best for regular long-term consumption and that it can carry an unexpected long-term health risk.
Distilled water is boiled and evaporated. It has no minerals in it and the very structure of the cell of each water molecule is also stripped away; depending upon how it is treated, it may contain chemicals like nickel and aluminum. In my opinion it is not fit for human consumption.
Put simply, distilled water and reverse osmosis water act like a vacuum that will suck out many of the beneficial trace minerals you need to stay healthy. Obtaining good mineral balance is hard enough; one clearly does not want to put a metabolic drain in their system by drinking distilled water. Fasting while using distilled water can be particularly dangerous because of the rapid loss of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride) and trace minerals like magnesium, deficiencies of which can cause heart beat irregularities and high blood pressure.
Water that is energetically polluted can be equally as harmful as water that is chemically polluted. Often, our water treatment systems use chemicals to flocculate or “settle out” pollutants, and the more times out water is recycled, the more energetically polluted and dead it becomes.

Since water is involved in every biological activity, and since we are between 70 and 90% water, depending on our age and health, it is obvious that when the water we drink is not clean or healthy (chemically and vibrationally), it can have a major impact on our body’s ability to function properly.
Another major factor is emerging as a major element in the quality of the water we drink – molecular structure. Molecular structure, the organization of water molecules in a specific geometric pattern, appears to be equally as important as the chemical, mineral and vibrational condition of the water. Molecular structure appears to play a remarkable role in the movement of water throughout the body, as well as in the crisp, clear transfer of energy and information.
The anomalies of water – explained by water’s structure
Water is a unique substance and does not fit the pattern of other liquids. In fact, there are over 40 distinct anomalies of water – differences that give it the ability to sustain life. Today, we are discovering that these anomalies can be explained in terms of water’s structure.
The most obvious anomalies of water are noted as water changes temperature – a reflection of the changing structure as water freezes and thaws. Contrary to expectation, cold water molecules move faster under pressure. As cold water is heated, the refractive index increases and the speed of sound within it increases. No other material in the planet behaves in this way. Each of these anomalies can be explained in terms of water’s unique and changing structure – a structure that can be altered by a variety of parameters in the energetic environment.
Like all matter, water contracts as it cools. However, just before freezing (4 C), water begins to expand. At one atmospheric pressure, water expands 9% as it freezes. This is why pipes often burst in the winter. It is also the reason ice floats rather than sinking to the bottom of a glass of water. This unique property insures that the freezing of lakes and rivers begins from the top down, providing insulation and protection for the life below. This unique trait is the most obvious indicator that water has structure – a hexagonal structure that organizes as it freezes. This fact has been well established by the scientific community.
The thermal properties of water are also unique. Water has a huge heat capacity – for beyond any other liquid. In other words, it has a tremendous capacity to store and transfer energy. The unusually large heat capacity allows water to absorb a remarkable amount of heat with a minimal charge of temperature. This is why temperature along coastlines are more moderate. It also explains why, being approximately 70% water, we are able to withstand large temperature fluctuations without freezing or overheating.
Water also released a considerable amount of heat as it freezes. This is why many farmers mist their crops to protect them from damage during frost. Dr. Mu Shik Jhon explains that hexagonal water had a higher specific heat value than normal water. Consequently, hexagonal water has a greater capacity to perform work, to absorb temperature changes, to expel wastes and to protect the body from energetic disturbances.
What Is Hexagonal Water?
Numerous different structures have been identified in water. According to Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, the most stable of these structures are the pentamer (composed if 5 hydrogen-bonded water molecules) and the hexamer (composed of 6 water molecules). (16) Dr. Jhon and other researchers agree that the hexamer, which forms an ice-like liquid crystalline network, has the greatest biological significance. When hexagonal water is formed, six water molecules join together to form a hexamer. These hexamers then join to create a semi-stable, sheet-like, geometric pattern. The open water network established in hexagonal water is the result if straighter hydrogen bonds angle measuring 109.5 degrees rather than 104.5 degrees. The resulting water has coherent characteristics where electrons spin together and information transfer is almost instantaneous.
According to Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, bulk water at 50 F is 22% hexagonally structured. However, the influence of a weak magnetic field can increase the hexagonal structuring in water. These include electric fields, lower temperatures, reduced pressure, the presence of certain minerals, and some sound (vibrational) frequencies. The presence of any or all of the above factors encourages groupings of six water molecules which form the cohesive, coherent geometry known as hexagonal water.
The difference between normal water (a structural conglomerate) and hexagonally- structured water (an organized matrix) is similar to the difference between a piece of quartz and a quartz crystal. Although they are chemically the same (both silicon dioxide), a piece of quartz is structurally random, with an almost opaque appearance. On the other hand, quartz is organized in perfect geometric symmetry and is “crystal” clear.
Quartz crystals are useful in the computer and timekeeping industries because of special piezoelectric properties which non-crystalline quartz does not possess. Computer chips and quartz watches rely on the geometry of crystalline structure for accurate information transfer.
Hexagonal water is liquid crystalline water. It is able to carry signals and transfer information with greater efficiency because of its high degree if organization. It has a higher energy state and appears to be the key to faster hydration, enhanced energy transfer, protein and DNA stability, and the enhancement of numerous metabolic processes.
Imagine the static in a radio when there is interference in the atmosphere; the radio message becomes distorted. It is the same within our bodies when the water becomes disorganized. Since water carries the vibrations and frequencies that transfer information, signals and messages are distorted when the coherent network is disrupted. When hexagonal water is repeatedly taken into the body, the coherent water network is re-established and balance can be restored.
Hexagonal Water Has A Higher Energy Potential
A majority of the water on the surface of the planet is a mixture of hexagonal units separated by a conglomeration of other structural units and free water molecules. Even though water has a high energy potential compared to other liquids, it is no match for the energetic potential of hexagonal water.
When water molecules join to form hexamers, the bond angle widens to 109.5 degrees. This creates greater structural stability and the potential to hold more energy. As hexamers join to form the crystalline matrix, the energy is addictive – just like increasing the voltage by adding in series – the greater the hexagonal structuring in the water network, the greater the potential energy.
Verifying The Existence Of Hexagonal Water
The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is one of few laboratories that have been able to physically view (via scanning tunneling microscopy) the existence of water hexamers. However, there are other methods that allow us to approach verification of the difference between hexagonal and normal water. Spectroscopy measures electro-magnetic frequencies; x-ray diffraction measures interference that occurs when x-ray radiation is diffracted by crystal structures; electron microscopes probe surfaces with electron beams, and computer simulators develop quantum-mechanical models based on mathematical calculations. Each of these methods offers its own limited view of the structure of water.
Every molecule or substance has its own oscillation pattern or vibration which can be measured in electromagnetic wavelengths by various forms of spectroscopy. The resonance properties of water change as soon as water comes in contact with any other substance. It then holds the frequency of that substances and a completely new spectrum is created. Water also sends out different energy signals depending in the movement of individual molecules. When these signals are recorded, the picture is like a map.
In an interview, the renowned German physicist Wolfgang Ludwig asserted that in the future we would determine water quality not only chemically, but even more importantly, by spectroscopy. According to him, the frequency spectrum is a physical copy of the geometrical structure of water. His experiments were able to show spectral differences in water samples and to transfer frequencies in water.
The accepted density of water at 0 C is 1.00g/cm^-3. Low density (hexagonal) water has a density of .96 g/cm^-3 (measured around macromolecules). This tiny difference is a reflection of the more open structure if low density, hexagonal water and the number of nearest neighboring water molecules. Hexagonal water has four nearest neighbors while high density (normal) water has five nearest neighbors.

Surface tension
One of the most easily measured differences between hexagonally-structured water and bulk water appears to be surface tension. The reason that water “beads up” on any non-polar surface, such as glass, is due to the high degree if surface tension – the tendency of the molecules to be tightly held together. Surface tension can be altered with any number of surfactants, including detergents and other additives that increase the wetability of water.
Most filtered and bottled water has a surface tension above 70 dynes/cm. Water from many fresh mountain streams has been measured below 65dynes/cm. Some hexagonal water products claim a surface tension far below this level - making it “wetter” water. Lower surface tension naturally augments nutrient absorption and cellular cleansing. Many people say hexagonal water actually tastes smoother and wetter, and many athletes have noted that hexagonal water does not sit in their stomachs as long – moving noticeably quicker into the cellular components of their bodies.
Since water is a polar substance (with a positive and negative side); it can be aligned in a magnetic field. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measures the time it takes for molecules to return to their original position after magnetic alignment. The amount of time this takes is related to the size, shape, and motional freedom of the molecule.
In the 1970s, Dr. Raymond Damadian began to study the molecular structure of water within the cell. Using MRI (a form of NMR), he determined that cancerous cells contain what he called “disorganized” water, characterized by “increased motion freedom” of the water molecules. According to his research, the difference between healthy and cancerous cells was the organization of the water within the cell, especially significant surrounding the DNA. Dr. Damadian was the first to suggest that MRI could be used to diagnose cancer. His work provided the basis for this widely-used diagnostic tool which routinely measures the organization of the water in the cell as a diagnosis for many forms of cancer.
Stabilizing Hexagonal Water
When water is placed in a magnetic field, the molecules align and assume a more organized form hexagonal geometry. When the field is removed, water generally loses its structure and resumes its less organized form. What then, creates stabilized hexagonal water? Can certain energetic influences entrain water molecules to spin together, establishing coherence, stabilizing the structure – even creating an internal magnetic field? The answer is yes.
Hexagonal Water & Biological Function
Life has evolved around water. The very fact that we are mostly water is evidence of the sophisticated relationship between water and biological function and also plays a significant role in aging. It is a nutrient and ultimately more important than other nutrients since, without water, even the most vitamins and minerals could not be absorbed or made available for cellular processes.
Hexagonal Water Decreases With Age
In 1986, at a symposium on cancer; Dr. Mu Shik Jhon proposed an entirely new theory for aging. His theory, which he called the molecular water environment theory, states the following: “Aging is a loss of hexagonal water from organs, tissue and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water.” Since the proposal of the above theory, the role of water in aging has been the subject of much research. Today there is considerable evidence that rejuvenation may be as simple as proper hydration. According to Dr, Mu Shik Jhon, “Replenishing the hexagonal water in our bodies can increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease.” On a cellular level, there are two water-related factors that are closely associated with aging.
The Amount Of Water In The Human Body Declines With Age.
Newborn infants are over 90% water – by weight. However, by the time a baby is a year old, she/he is only 70% water; it is not uncommon for the elderly to be less than 60% water.
The Movement Of Water in & Out Of The Cell Slows With Age.
As water movement (turnover) slows, the ratio of water inside the cells to outside he cells is dramatically affected. Cells function best when 60% of the total body’s water is inside the cells. However, with age, that amount gradually decreases - often measuring as low as 40%. This reverses the osmotic potential at the cell membrane and makes it very difficult to re-hydrate the cell. Perhaps this is one reason why it takes longer and is more difficult to re-hydrate an elderly person.
Can the loss of hexagonal water be linked with aging? One scientist, Dr. Seiji Katajama, used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to test the hypothesis that aging is related to structural changes in intracellular water. In his study, the structure of the cell water components of four generation of the same genetic family was analyzed. It concluded that age was related to structural changes in the water surrounding biological macromolecules, and he suggested that the state of the water in the body we closely relates to the aging mechanism.
Hexagonal water does appear to hydrate the cellular environment of the body more rapidly while also delivering nutrients and removing wastes more efficiently. This has been evaluated using bioelectrical impedance analysis.
Bioelectrical Impedance
Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), otherwise known as bioelectrical body composition analysis, has the ability to non-invasively measure the fluid components of the body. BIA is able to track changes in cell water, with the capacity to monitor water movement in and out of the cells.
Weight ControlLike many health practitioners today, Donald Mayfield, NMD, DOM, uses BIA and a variety of other methods to access the level of health in his patients. According to him, there is no question that hexagonally-structured water provides more rapid hydration:
“Hexagonal water helps to improve a number of measurable parameters in the human body. In my experience, even though many of my patients are drinking the recommended amount of daily water, they are still dehydrated. Hexagonally-structured water hydrates the body more rapidly by encouraging faster water uptake. I have been able to observe that the intra-cellular /extra-cellular water ratio begins to normalize within 10-15 minutes.” “Because of its link to so many functions, hexagonal water also appears to “jump-start” numerous bodily functions – even to enhance the water-protein communication network in the body.”
Besides being able to measure hydration and cellular water movement, BIA also measures basal metabolic rate (BMR) and Phase Angle – both useful tools in determining overall health. BRM is a measure of how many calories are used when a person is resting. Children have a much higher metabolic rate than adults. As a general rule, BMR drops about 2% per decade after the age of twenty. BMR has been directly corrected with water turnover (intra-cellular/extra-cellular water movement), the greater the BMR. BMR is influence when hexagonal water is consumed, showing a gradual improvement over time. Increase in BMR supports the claim that hexagonal water improves metabolic efficiency and may affect the aging process.
Besides the obvious indicators that hexagonal water is responsible for more rapid water exchange (increased urine output and cleansing reactions), a recent double-blind study using over 300 Type II diabetic patients showed that one hexagonal water product was many times more effective than distilled water in hydration the body. Researchers conclude that this hexagonal water improves cell water turnover, basal metabolism, Phase Angle and cell capacitance.
Live Blood Analysis
Live blood analysis with dark field microscopy offers the unique ability to view the blood in real time. It is being used by a growing number of health practitioners worldwide. By providing a dark background, red blood cells and other components of the blood become clearly visible – much like stars against the night sky. Trained technicians and practitioners are able to note the presence of parasites, fungi, bacteria and other conditions of the blood that help to determine a course of action for healing, as well as foe monitoring the process.
One of the most common conditions found during live blood analysis is a condition known as “Rouleau,” where red blood cells stick together. Individuals with Rouleau often feel tired and cells stick together. Individuals with Rouleau often feel tired and tend to over-consume proteins and fats; this leads to increased fatigue and weight gain. The stickiness (agglutination) if red blood cells lowers oxygen exchange in the tissues as well as nutrient utilization, cellular efficiency, and the removal of wastes. Agglutination in the blood created sluggishness in both the circulatory and lymph systems – with an obvious decrease in immune function and peripheral blood circulation. Individuals with ongoing Rouleau are ideal candidates for illness and disease.
According to boikineticist Stefan Schoeman, drinking normal water has little effect on Rouleau in the short term. However, drinking just 16 ounces of hexagonal water produces visible improvement within minutes – sometimes as much as an 80% improvement. He reports the following:
“In my experience, it takes a serious effort over a period of time to re-hydrate the body and the blood. With that in mind, I have been extremely surprised to discover that within a very few minutes after drinking hexagonal water; the Rouleau effect begins to resolve. I believe in a total change in lifestyle; becoming alkaline requires changes in diet and drinking hexagonal water daily.”
Protein Folding
Organized water has been identified in the human body by a number of researchers. It is recognized as essential foe biological function. Dr. Mu Shik Jhon and others have shown that the first layer of water surrounding healthy DNA and many proteins is highly stabilized hexagonal water. Healthy proteins are surrounded by the highest number of hexagonally-structured water molecules; cancerous cells have a decreased number of hexagonal structures and an increased number of pentagonal structures.
Proteins have no activity outside the presence of water. They must fold in specific three-dimensional configurations in order to be biologically active. This is accomplished around water which contributes both energy and stabilization. Recent research shows that the first layer of water surrounding healthy proteins is highly organized, and that it has high proton transfer rates. It has even been suggested that pressure waves formed by flickering water clusters may link protein molecular vibrations – thus carrying information through the intracellular components of the body.
Water is integral to the structure of DNA. In fact, early computer simulations of DNA completely failed until water was included as a functional part of the simulation. It was later discovered that water interacts with every part of the DNA’s double helix. The hexagonal structure of water is required for the precise replication of the helical strands in the DNA and water actually stabilizes the entire helical structure by forming hydrogen bonds with the phosphate groups.
The first layer if water surrounding healthy DNA is hexagonal water. This stabilizes and protects DNA from energetic influences that could cause malfunction and distortion. Using computer simulation, Dr. Jhon was able to determine that one of the differences between normal and abnormal DNA is the number of water molecules in the first hydration layer. He found that the water surrounding normal DNA is highly structured and more stable than the water surrounding abnormal
The water inside our cells is structurally different from the water outside the cells. As early as 1989, it was proposed the there was a two-phase structure of water where the coherent phase (characterized by molecules that rotated together), accounted for the electro-dynamic properties of water, while a fluctuating phase (characterized by molecules that moved randomly) accounted for the thermodynamic properties of water.
Phillipa Wiggins and others have suggested that there may be alternating micro-domains within each cell where both low density (hexagonal) and high density (bulk) water play a critical role in maintaining the balance of solutes within the cell. This theory of two-state intracellular water is based on the fact that certain ions ( called structure-making ions) tend to support the structuring of water and that certain other ions ( referred to as structure-breaking ions) actually discourage the structuring of water.
Potassium (K+) is a structure-breaking ion which is known to be highly concentrated within the cell. It naturally gravitates toward hexagonal structure. On the other hand, Na+ is a structure-making ion. It is found in large concentrations outside the cell. Wiggins’ work shows that structure-breaking ions create local osmotic pressure gradients which are abolished by the conversion of hexagonal water to its less structured form. This may be the mechanism contrary to accepted at the cell membrane.
A Source Of Energy
Water is the body’s main source of energy. According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, author of the well-known book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, the flow of water through the cell membrane provides electrical energy much like the turbines in a hydroelectric plant. As water rushes into the cells, it creates the necessary electrical energy, tops off cellular reserves, and then leaves the body, taking with it the waste product from each cell. Dr. Mu Shik Jhon explains that hexagonal water actually has the capacity to hold more energy than normal water because of its structure. He states, “100% hexagonally structured water has a huge capacity to store energy which can be released immediately when it is utilized by living organism.”
Only when there is sufficient water do we have ample and ongoing energy – especially as we age. The consumption of hexagonal water enhances the amount of electrical energy available in the body, as evidenced by increased vitality for those who consume it. For many, drinking a glass of hexagonal water in the afternoon will entirely eliminate afternoon fatigue. Hexagonal water study showed that mice who consumed hexagonal water were able to swim 47% longer prior to exhaustion and that they had greater stores of glycogen (a source of stored energy) in the liver. This has tremendous implications for the endurance athlete.
Nutrient Absorption
The digestive process requires copious amounts of water in order for nutrients to be adequately assimilated. Anything that enhances water movement in the body also enhances nutrient absorption. Hexagonal water is considered an excellent carrier for nutritional supplements. It is being used by a number of athletes and athletic teams to improve nutrient absorption, hydration, and endurance.
Immune Function
Hexagonal water also appears to enhance immune function. In a recent study, mice were given a hexagonal water product while a control group was given de-ionized water. After just two weeks, a 60% increase in lymphocyte (white blood cell) production was measured in the hexagonal water group, indicating an improvement in immune function. Cell culture analysis of the spleen (an organ directly connected with immune function) also indicated immune modulation. Perhaps this is why individuals who drink hexagonal water repeatedly report fewer colds and flu.
Hexagonal Waterfor Various Ailments
Water research has become extremely intense. In a recent issue of Science magazine, it was reported that developments relating to water were among the top 10 scientific advances of the year 2004. According to the article, Breakthroughs of the Year: the runners-up, “This year a flurry of papers on the subject and chemical behavior of this familiar substance [water] revealed results that, if they hold up, could reshape fields from chemistry to atmospheric sciences,”
This recent attention to water’s structure and its potential in the fields of health and industry have attracted researchers and biotechnology companies from around the world. As a result, a variety of hexagonal water products have entered the marketplace. Hexagonal water is being heralded for its beneficial effects on a variety of health conditions, particularly those that are associated with dehydration.
Most disease can are related to dehydration. When there is insufficient water, every bodily function suffers and the body must operate from a level of “crisis management.” Ultimately, crisis management results in disease. This has been well documented from the medical perspective, by Dr. Batmanghelidj. It is also well known in the field of energy medicine experience where practitioners agree that it is difficult to work on a dehydrated patient. Therapists using energy/vibrational medicine experience much faster results when their patients are fully hydrated.
Many symptoms experienced by large numbers of the population are ignored for what they are – signs of dehydration. These symptoms ate experienced by so many people that they are often considered “normal.” Such symptoms include acne, afternoon fatigue, constipation, dry skin, heartburn, and headaches.
When hexagonal water is consumed, a rapid resolution of the above and of other symptoms of dehydration is often noticed. Since water movement into the cells is accomplished one molecule at a time, the organized hexagonal units are more easily assimilated. For example, the carpenter who uses a nail gun where nails are delivered in an organized string can accomplish his task much quicker than the carpenter who has to reach into a box for each nail. Drinking organized, hexagonal water provides superior hydration which can have a positive effect on numerous health conditions.
Dry skin, acne and premature wrinkles
The skin is the largest detoxification organ in the human body. It requires a continua supply of water as evaporation and perspiration continually pull water through the skin to eliminate wastes and cleanse the tissues. Water keeps the skin plump and smooth. Without adequate hydration, wastes build up, causing acne and other skin problems.
Because the skin is a reflection of the inner body, it is often the most obvious indicator of dehydration. Dry, flaky skin is a sign that the water level in the body is inadequate. Further symptoms, such as acne and premature wrinkles, are sure signals that the body lacks sufficient water.
One of the most frequently noticed benefits of drinking hexagonal water is a rapid improvement in the condition of the skin. Many notice softer skin within days. Because of its ability to move with greater ease into the cellular components of the body, hexagonal water can do more for the skin than several times the same amount of regular water – certainly more than lotions and creams, which can clog pores and hinder the cleansing process.
This widely accepted statement, “health begins in the colon,” might be more accurately modified to read: “health begins with a hydrated colon.” Water is the key. When the body is forced to remove solid wastes without an adequate supply of water, constipation is the result. Because the major elimination systems of the body, (skin, kidneys and bowels) are critically dependent on water, they are primary indicators of drought. Like dry skin, constipation and dark urine indicate water shortage. Hard, infrequent, and difficult-to-eliminate bowel movements indicate that the body is rationing water.
High Cholesterol
Cholesterol is a naturally-produced, waxy substance that is found throughout the body. It is a functional part of cell walls and a building block in the production of various hormones and Vitamin D. While the buildup of cholesterol in arteries can be harmful, mounting evidence suggests that cholesterol is the body’s solution to a bigger problem – dehydration. was Dr. Batmanghelidj who exposed the relationship of water to cholesterol. His attention to the water mechanisms of the body had shown that it is dehydration that causes the building up of cholesterol in arteries and cell tissue – not necessarily the cholesterol from foods.
When water is being rationed, cells deposit cholesterol on the lipid bi-layer of their membranes to protect the cell for water loss. This appears to be natural consequences of aging – perhaps because the thirst mechanism declines with age, and thus, we tend to drink less water.
But why does cholesterol build up in our arteries? According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, this is a consequence of concentrated (thick) blood which results from the digestion of food when too little water is available. Concentrated, acidic blood not only triggers the production of cholesterol, it also causes microscopic abrasions in the lining of arteries. Cholesterol covers these abrasions in an effort to repair the damage. Unless water intake is increased, elevated levels of cholesterol continue to circulate in the blood adding to the build-up in arteries and cell membranes – all because of dehydration.
The good news is that cholesterol build-up can be reversed. With an increase in water and improved water turnover, the blood is naturally thinned, high blood cholesterol is no longer necessary, and reduced cholesterol levels are measured in the blood. In time, cholesterol build-up in the arteries is literary washed away.
High blood pressure (hypertension)
High blood pressure has also been correlated with a reduced amount of water in the blood and with aging. Adults have a lower concentration of water in their blood than children; the elderly have even lower concentrations. This is one reason (accurate or not) that higher blood pressure has been considered “normal” as we age.
The water content of the blood is critical. We have noted that thickened blood results in higher cholesterol levels; it also results in high blood pressure. This is because blood is mostly water. Normal levels of water in the blood are considered to be anywhere from 80 to 85%, although some feel that these levels are much too low. Dr Batmanghelidj suggests that fully hydrates blood is 94% water.
When there is a reduction in the amount of water in the blood, the total blood volume is reduced and more pressure is required to pump it into the extremities of the body. As the body becomes increasingly dehydrated, more and more pressure is required and blood pressure continues to rise.
Obviously, there are other factors that contribute to high blood pressure; stress is at the top of the lost. However, dehydration is the number one cause of stress in the human body. It is well known that stress, regardless of the cause, produces the same physiological symptoms. Water is so important that it alone can often bring blood pressure within normal levels. Water is also the best thing to take during any kind of stress.
Weight Management
Being fully hydrated is a prerequisite for weight loss. When the body is in a state of crisis, (dehydrated) it cannot let go of fat. The only way to convince the body to metabolize fat is to eliminate the crisis so that the body feels safe in letting go of unnecessary calories. Hexagonal water may be one of the most critical components of any natural and permanent weight loss program.
There are several facets to the hexagonal water-weight interaction:

  • Hexagonal water has been shown to increase metabolic rate – very important for those who want to lose weight.
  • Hexagonal water can provide the energetic equivalent of food, helping to reduce caloric intake.
  • Lack of water causes an increase in fat deposits. Why? When the kidneys do not have enough water, we are also less able to the liver to help with the removal of water. Since the liver is responsible for the metabolism of fats, inadequate water forces fats to be stored while the liver helps take care of the removal of wastes.
  • Hunger and thirst are often confused. When thirst gives way to hunger, not only do we eat more, we are also less able to flush the daily wastes from our bodies. And guess where excess wastes are stored; in fat cells. Although the number of fat cells in the body appears to be constant, they can continue to expand – used as repositories for the excess wastes and toxins that cannot be flushed from the body.
  • Cells that are continually depleted of the hydroelectric energy supplied by water have to depend on the energy from food. Not only does this increase food consumption, but since carbohydrates are more easily broken down, they are utilized for immediate energy, and fats are stored.

Edema (water retention)
Water retention is responsible for additional weight and a puffy appearance. Diuretics cannot solve the problem because it is caused by dehydration.
Edema is an excessive amount of water held in the interstitial (outside the cells) tissues of the body. It is a crisis management state where the body holds on to salt in order to maintain water – even thought that water cannot move into the cells where it is needed. (Salt controls the amount of water outside the cells.) In cases of dehydration, people often have cravings for salty food to help retain as much water as possible.
One of the things that often happens when hexagonal water is consumed is a loss of retained water and weight. The first thing many people notice is more frequent urination. As hexagonal water hydrates the cells, les efficient water is moved out of the body, carrying excess salt with it. Swelling and puffiness also disappear.
YawnWater provides energy for every system in the body. This refers to the water we drink – not the water that is already tied up in other functions. Adequate and regular water intake insures that water is constantly turning the hydroelectric pumps at every cell membrane – carrying nutrients and removing wastes on a continual basis.
Hexagonal water provides abundant, clean energy. Since hexagonal water moves more efficiently because of its geometric structure, it is able to provide more energy for cellular functions – all it needs to do is “move” through the cells. Hexagonal water challenges even the best “pick-me-up” drinks on the market!
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, diabetes is referred to as the “thirst disease.” It is typified by increased thirst – a huge signal from the body.
Diabetes is closely tied to the water regulatory systems of the body. Besides bringing sugar (glucose) from the blood into the cells where it provides necessary energy, insulin is also important in the regulation of intracellular water. Insulin helps move potassium (critical to the maintenance of intracellular water) into the cell. Without insulin, cells are deprived of both water and sugar – its two sources of energy. When primary source of energy (water) is unavailable for the brain, it calls for the next available source – sugar. Since insulin is not required to carry sugar across brain cell membranes, it is an easy way for the brain to receive needed energy. Unfortunately, this raises the level of sugar in the blood throughout the body.
The activity of insulin itself appears to be governed by water. According to Dr. Z.Y. Wang, Director of the Cluster Biology Lab at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, “Proper hydration is critical for people with diabetes because water has to be organized around insulin – for every one insulin molecule, you need 440 water molecules.” Recent clinical studies conducted by Dr. Wang with diabetic patients in China, showed that a hexagonal water product was 13.4 times more effective at hydration than distilled water. The same study revealed a trend towards lower blood sugar levels in just four weeks.
Normal respiration places a continual and ongoing drain on the available water in the body. Air sacs in lung tissue must be continually lined with water or they will dry out. During extreme cases of water shortage, the body’s airways are constricted to reduce water loss – asthma. Asthma and many allergies are indicators of dehydration.
One of the reasons children experience the symptoms of asthma more than adults, is that children are continually growing. Each time a new cell is created, it must be filled with water. This puts a drain on the water reserves in a child’s body. Children, although they are young and resilient, need water just as much (if not more) than adults and the elderly.
Asthma medications open constricted airways. They also shut off the body’s call for water ignoring the bigger problem. In the long run, water is possibly the best medication for asthma and many allergies.
Mental clarity and cognitive function
DrinkBrain functions require electrical activity which is supplied by water. Perhaps this is why the brain has such a high concentration of water – approximately 90%.
Even thought the brain is a comparatively small part of the body, it is allocated 20% of the total blood supply, supplying water, oxygen and other nutrients to the brain on a priority basis.
Since water movement creates hydroelectric energy, the supply of free water to the brain is essential on a regular basis. When it is not continually available, thinking becomes clouded and the ability to focus is difficult. Anyone who experiences brain fog or the inability to concentrate, can benefit (often immediately) from hexagonal water. Dr. David Stokesbary, an orthopedic surgeon and head of the Advanced Magnetic Research Institute in California, comments on this and other benefits of drinking hexagonal water:
“Anything that encourages this kind of detoxification is capable of playing a huge role in generating cellular energy. Cellular water movement is critical for adequate adsorption of nutrients; also for the elimination of metabolic waste products. Those who drink this water are benefiting in both ways. With better nourishment and more effective waste removal, every process in the body will happen more efficiently. This efficiency accounts for the greater levels of energy which are often experience. It also accounts for improvements in metal clarity and the heightened sense pf well-being so often experience. And of course, it supports the healing environment.”
Joint Pain
When an old door becomes stiff and creaky, we know it is time to oil the hinges. In order to open the door more freely, we have to remove the debris and lubricate the hinge. The joints in our bodies are no different. Cartilage surrounds and protects the bones in our joints. It is like thick jello and it is mostly water.
When there is enough water in the body, joints are lubricated and glide smoothly. However, when cartilage dries out there is friction and greater abrasion as joints move.
Because of the constant shearing forces, cartilage cells must be replaced more often than other tissues in the body. Without adequate water, cartilage breakdown occurs rapidly, and new cell development is restricted. Besides the more rapid breakdown of cartilage, too little water limits the body’s ability to flush acidic wastes which settle in the joints.
How do we remove the debris and lubricate the joints in our bodies? Once again, the answer is water. Hexagonal water often provides a reduction in joint pain and increases mobility for those with arthritis and other joint problems.
Emotional Release
Beyond the purely physical, there are other possible benefits of drinking hexagonal water. Howard Wolin, MD, a practicing physician specializing in advanced nutrition, alludes to the emotional release some have experienced when drinking hexagonal water.
For example, he states:
“Clinically, I have been able to determine that this water is capable of reawakening dormant and compromised functions in the cells of the body and rapidly eliminating deeply held toxins…even deeply held emotional traumas that have remained hidden. It has the ability to help the body in ways that science has not even begun to understand.”
Hexagonal water may actually be cleansing on more than one level. It may hold the secret to releasing emotional toxins (in the form of traumas and negative emotional patterns). Many believe that the consumption of hexagonal water can be instrumental in raising the vibratory frequency of those who consume it regularly, in other words, raising consciousness.
Sources of Hexagonal Water
Natural Sources
DoctorThere are a number of natural springs on the planet where the water is said to have hexagonal molecular structure. Many of these places are known as healing springs; some have been considered sacred by native cultures for centuries. Many of these sources of hexagonal water are located in places where unique magnetic and/or geologic formations exist. Most are located in areas where the water comes from deep within the earth. Some glacial water supplies also claim hexagonal structure. Although there may be numerous sources of natural hexagonal water, the stability of the hexagonal structuring varies from location to location. In most instances, the structure begins to deteriorate the moment the water reaches the surface or leaves the area.
There is one natural source of hexagonal water that appears to maintain structural stability for an exceptionally long period of time. This water, from Japan’s Magnetic Mountain, originates in a place where the magnetic field is unusually high. In fact, the entire mountain has been permanently magnetized. The mountain itself is the result of an underwater volcanic eruption which occurred millions of years ago at about the same time that a water from this mountain has its own magnetic field when it comes to the surface, measured at nearly 30 gauss. The magnetic field of this water declines with time, but never fully dissipates – one reason the water may be so stable. This water has been the subject of several clinical studies, verifying its health-enhancing effects.
The importance of movement and natural forces
In nature, turbulence is the key to healthy water. Most people know enough not to drink stagnant water. When left long enough, stagnant water breeds bacteria and disease. But when water is allowed to move freely, it naturally heals itself; the only time water is really sensitive to external forces is when it is moving.
Free water (not water forced through pipes under pressure) forms layers as it moves – sheets that fold and slide over each other as the water expands and contracts. With each expansion and contraction, water absorbs electrons and energy. Turbulence and vibration tend to open the molecular structure, increasing hexagonal organization and the energy potential of the water.
Nature repeatedly uses the spiral. Everywhere it is evident – from the smallest strand of DNA to the largest galaxy. Simple observation of water’s movement reveals the repeated spirals, eddies and whirlpools it creates as it moves. This vortex action cleanses water, releasing vibrational pollution, while at the same time ionizing the minerals. As layers of water slip past each other, oxygen is taken in, adding to the total healing and purification of water through movement.
Nature uses other natural force to energize, cleanse, and structure water. These include the earth’s magnetic field, infrared radiation from the sun, a variety of minerals that support the structural stability of water, the pressure and freezing temperatures of glacial formation, and other natural frequencies that are difficult to quantify.
Drinking Hexagonal Water - What to Expect?
When and how much
One of the best times to drink hexagonal water is first thing in the morning. After six to eight hours without water, the body’s reserves need to be replenished. With a glass (8-16 ounces) of water first thing in the morning, the digestive tract is primed before breakfast. This helps to prevent water rationing and all of its complications.
A good habit is to drink 8-16 ounces of water, at least 20-30 minutes before every meal and before exercise. Drinking before meals has other advantages, like helping the body to dist8inguish between thirst and hunger. Many people do not eat as much when they begin with a glass of hexagonal water. When water is consumed before the meal, we also tend to chew more completely, rather than washing food down. This results in eating more slowly and enjoying the meal; it also establishes a closer connection with the food we consume. Most health professionals agree that it is best not to drink water with a meal. This dilutes the stomach acids that are required for digestion. Finally, it is a good idea to drink 8-16 ounces of water two to three hours after each meal. In this way, water is continually being consumed throughout the day.
Hexagonal water is perfect when taken with nutritional supplements. It aids in a more complete assimilation of the nutrients. For the same reason, medication should not be taken with hexagonal water. It may have a more potent effect and be too strong. It has been recommended that any medication be taken either an hour before or an hour after drinking hexagonal water. It is also a good idea to work with a health practitioner when consuming hexagonal water, especially if you take prescription medications. Some individuals have been able to reduce or eliminate certain medications.
Cleansing reactions
When the human body has enough water and energy, it is able to nourish and cleanse itself on a regular basis. Water is often the limiting factor. When water is inefficient, toxins are “tucked away” – stored in waste dumps throughout the body. Unfortunately for some, wastes continue to build up and disease develops.
Hexagonal water can provide a significant boost in both energy and cellular efficiency. For those with overflowing waste dumps, the body will respond by clearing out the garbage – often clogging the hallway on the way to the exit. If the toxic load is too great, a person may feel like s/he has a cold or flu. Symptoms of cleansing include aches and pains, headaches, fatigue, diarrhea, and/or mucus discharges. Each of these is a sign that the body is doing what it is supposed to do.
However, it is always more comfortable of a person can cleanse gradually. Beginning slowly is the key. is usually best to begin drinking hexagonal water a little at a time. Anyone over the age of 50 or anyone with health problems should consider a slow introduction – no more than 4-6 ounces a day for the first week, while consuming a normal amount of pure water. If you are young and healthy, beginning with 8 ounces a day should not cause cleansing symptoms.
If you do experience cleansing symptoms (usually within a week), stop drinking hexagonal water until the symptoms pass – then begin again more slowly. It is important to continue to drink a total of at least eight, 8 oz. glasses of pure water every day, even while you are building up to the desired amount of hexagonal water.
I want to make a few more points on hydration. The hydration rate of water is the amount of water that is absorbed by individual cells. Higher rates of hydration means much superior and faster metabolic processes are occurring within the cell, making it better able to flush toxins and move nutrients to where they are needed. The structure of the water molecules is significant in this process. Therefore, it is imperative to know the hydration rates of different types of water. Distilled and reverse osmosis water is lifeless and worthless with a hydration rate of only10%. I think it is obvious why I keep stressing the importance of consuming chemical free, clean, restructured and alkalizing water. When your body is properly hydrated, all health programs become more powerful, more efficient and work faster. And, for those of us who simply want to continue our good health, drinking clean restructured water is just as essential to maintaining strength, fitness and vital wellbeing.