Living Water Stick Instuctions

 Congratulations! You have in your hands one of the best available tools to increase your health and vitality.  Drinking hydrogen-rich water everyday will provide you with a solid foundation for good health.  Soon you will come to realize that drinking hydrogen-rich water is good hygiene and as essential as brushing your teeth!

Getting Started:

  • Rinse the new HydrogenRich Water Stick under running water for a few seconds and place in your favorite personal water bottle.
  • For normal use add 1 to 3 HydrogenRich Water Sticks to 500ml – 1.5 liters of water.  Use a container no larger than 1.5L for 1 Stick, a 1L bottle or smaller is best.

Dr. Hayashi recommends 1 Stick for those younger than 35 years of age, 2 Sticks for those over 35 years of age and 3 Sticks for those with significant health issues.

  • Use any water that is safe for drinking: filtered tap water is best and most economical.  (If you prefer tap water, bottled water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water, any water is fine and will become hydrogen-rich once the HydrogenRich Water Stick is immersed into the water).
  • Fill the bottle all the way with Stick(s) inside to remove as much air as possible.  Shut the cap and shake well for 15 seconds.  Let stand for 10-20 minutes (depending on size of bottle).  Shake again to thoroughly saturate the water with the active hydrogen.  Then drink and enjoy hydrogen-rich water.

The longer you leave the HydrogenRich Water Sticks to generate hydrogen into your water before drinking the silkier and smoother the taste.  (8-12 hours usually gets rid of chlorine/fluoride taste if using tap water!)

  • In many cases the generation of hydrogen gas can be readily seen in the form of small bubbles (hydrogen) around the stick. In cases where these bubbles cannot be seen, it simply means the hydrogen is fully saturated into the water.  To confirm this you may leave the cap on tightly for 2 days without opening and observe expansion in the plastic or hear the gas escape once opened after 2 days.
  • Another and perhaps more important confirmation of the generation of hydrogen gas in improvement to abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation from one to two weeks after starting to use this product.  There will be such changes as better bowel movements and reduced stool smell.  In other words, the cleaner bowel movements without bad smells are an indication of the importance of drinking hydrogen-rich water.
  • Once your HydrogenRich Water Stick is immersed in water it must stay in water.  Exposure to air or letting the Stick(s) dry out will cause oxidation of the minerals and shorten the life of your Stick(s).  Should this occur simply clean the Stick(s) as stated below.  If bubbles occur in the solution your Stick is still generating hydrogen.*
  • Remember hydrogen is the lightest gas and will escape quickly if the water is poured off the stick into a glass or if the Stick is removed from the water.  For optima results drink water directly from your own personal water bottle containing the Stick(s) for ongoing production of hydrogen.
  • Shaking the bottle increases the available hydrogen exponentially!  So shake freely before taking a drink for optimal hydrogen saturation.
  • Your Stick may float in your water.  This shows the extra hydrogen that is being trapped in the Stick itself thus making it float.  So, shake your container in order to move that hydrogen out of the Stick, into your water for optimal hydrogen saturation.  Same is true if you see bubbles on the Stick – again shake that hydrogen into your water for consumption!  If no bubbles appear do not be alarmed, it just means the hydrogen is doing its job and saturating your water.  Rest assured, these Sticks have been tested thoroughly to ensure hydrogen production for a minimum of 6 months – usually more.

*If you are traveling by air, it is fine to empty your bottle in order to pass it through the screening device.  Just leave the Stick(s) in the empty bottle and run it through the screening device. Once through the process use a water fountain or purchase water to refill your bottle.  Don’t forget to shake and enjoy.

Cleaning the HydrogenRich Water Stick:

  • To maintain the effectiveness of your HydrogenRich Water Stick, submerge your Stick(s) in 1 part distilled white vinegar and 4 parts water after every 30 days of use.
  • Allow the Stick(s) to soak for about 30 minutes, then confirm the existence of bubbles (hydrogen gas) on the Stick(s) before taking them out of the vinegar/water solution to rinse.  If you think your Sticks may have gotten dried out a little, simply let them sit in the vinegar and water solution a little longer until you see the presence of bubbles.  This releases oxidation of the magnesium and renews the magnesium to produce optima hydrogen once again.
  • Remove the Stick(s), thoroughly rinse the Stick(s) with running water and reuse.
  • As good hygiene, rinse your Stick(s) under running water (filtered or tap) each day as you rinse your bottle to be refilled with fresh water.  This removes any small particles blocking the small holes on the stick and will aid efficient hydrogen production.
    • In some rare cases floating white particles may be seen in your bottle.  This is magnesium hydroxide (not harmful to the human body).  Simply wash away with running water and the stick can again be used.

Life of the HydrogenRich Water Stick:

  • One HydrogenRich Water Stick will last for at least 6 months and will make up to 400 gallons or 1600 liters of hydrogen-rich water.  If you clean you stick with white vinegar and water and after 30-60 minutes there are no bubbles of hydrogen gas coming out of the stick while in the solution, then you will know it is time to purchase your next HydrogenRich Water Stick(s).
  • Another way to tell if your Stick still produces hydrogen: place the Stick(s) into a 500ml plastic bottle, tightly capped for 1-2 days (is usually sufficient), you will see the bottle expand and hear the sound of gas escaping as you reopen it.  If you utilize a plastic bottle with ridges you can see the ridges expand.


  • Keep this product out of the reach of small children and store in a safe location away from high temperature, high humidity and exposure to direct sunlight.
  • The bottle cap should be loose if the Stick will be left in the bottle for more than 5 days unopened.  (this allows for the generated hydrogen to escape – pressure from the hydrogen gas could rupture a glass bottle or pop a lid on a stainless steel bottle if left tightly sealed for several days.  Plastic bottles will usually expand with no problems; however, to be sure leave the seal loose.)


  • Do not place the stick near flame or heat in a microwave oven.
  • Do not heat the stick in a kettle, rice cooker, pot or other such device.
  • Do not add boiling water to a stick that has been place in a container (heat resistant up to 60C)
  • Do not wash the stick with detergent, benzene, thinner or any other volatile solvents (refer to “Cleaning the Stick”)
  • Do not place the stick in your mouth (be especially careful with small children as the stick could become lodge in their throats).
  • The stick should only be placed in water (not tea, juice or any other liquids which could hinder the performance of your Stick)
  • Do not break, take apart, drop or provide any other strong shocks to the stick.
  • Once the stick has been used it should remain immersed in water and not exposed to air (this is to prevent the raw materials from deteriorating via exposure to oxygen in the air which causes oxidation)
  • Please read instructions aloud to any visually impaired user.

Other uses for hydrogen-rich water:

    • Great to use in smoothies, cooking rice, tea, be creative!  You’ll find powders mix better hydrogen-rich water.  (i.e., green barley grass, probiotic powders, powdered milk for infants, etc.)
    • Use externally on your skin to maintain hydration and eliminate small wrinkles, spray in on your hair to maintain hydration as well, especially on the ends of long hair!
    • Hydrogen-rich water can be chilled in the refrigerator and enjoyed on hot summer days.

    Precautions: We are not responsible for any problems that result if the user ignores these warnings and uses the product improperly.