How To Lose Belly Fat Quickly

 Have you ever heard of the cortisol based pills?  They all claim to target belly fat, and they all claim that you will be able to eliminate trouble spots.  But as many have found, they never actually work, and that kind of cortisol buildup is actually an extremely serious not to mention rare medical condition.  So how do you really fight belly fat?  Millions of people diet, exercise, and otherwise lose weight every day, and yet they seem to retain this annoying belly fat for whatever reason!
Well, the first thing to address is the reason why belly fat is so stubborn and so hard to get rid of.  Maybe you run, maybe you play sports, you eat what you think is a good diet, and maybe you even spend hours doing ab specific exercises.  But you see no results.  The fact is that in large part, belly fat is actually hereditary.  All of us have different body types, and some people collect fat in their hips and thighs while others collect it in the stomach.  But unlike hip fat, belly fat can be quite dangerous, surrounding the vital organs.  So obviously, it is extremely important to address it and eliminate it when possible.

So how do you treat it?  The first thing to do is to diet.  I know, you’re already dieting.  You have to remember, there are literally hundreds of different diets out there.  Unfortunately, chances are you’re using the wrong one.  For one thing, if you are eating a low carb diet, most will not lose belly fat, especially if following something similar to the original Atkins Diet.  The problem with low carb diets is that many people throw caution to the wind eating as much fat as they want, as long as they avoid carbs.  The fats you will find in meats, especially red meats, will actually significantly increase and maintain belly fat.

In terms of diet, you also want to remember to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Your body of course needs the vitamins.  But fruits and vegetables are also rich in fiber and a high fiber diet will both improve your heart and help you to keep things from getting stuck in your intestinal tract which could cause bloating or otherwise in the abdominal area.  And while you’re at it, remember that red wine does not count, even though it’s technically made from grapes.  Alcohol is actually a major contributor to belly fat.

Next, you have to exercise.  Skip the abdominal exercises.  You cannot burn fat with them.  You are working your abdominal muscles yes.  But if you exercise, you are always working your abdominal muscles.  However, certain other exercises such as cardio(ie running, swimming, biking, etc)will allow you to burn fat including the fat around the abdominal area.
Third, you want to remember to get your sleep.  Sleep can affect weight in general.  But just like they claim on the commercials, that can in some ways relate to abdominal fat.  It won’t be as substantial as they claim in 99% of cases.  However, in order to reduce fat in general and over time reduce belly fat along with it, it would be advisable to get more sleep.  The average adult should be getting at least 8 hours per night, and despite what some think, your body will not automatically allow you to get the hours of sleep that your body actually needs.  It is only one hour of sleep per night that separates those of healthy weight and overweight according to recent clinical studies.

Finally, you may want to look into diet pills.  Yes, dare I say it, you may need diet pills!  Diet pills are can be great things, and frankly if you get the right one, it can make that final difference in your battle of the bulge or for that matter specifically against belly fat.  You can get a number of different ingredients.  Actually, the first ingredient I would recommend is an appetite suppressant known as glucomannan.  If you read above, you know that a high fiber diet is important in regulating the digestive tract, heart, and ultimately keeping belly fat and other fat as well in check.  Glucomannnan is a natural fiber that happens to blow up in your stomach, suppressing appetite, and then it filters out improving your digestive tract as it goes.

Outside of glucomannan, I would suggest serious fat burners, preferably thermogenic fat burners.  Please note that not everyone can use fat burners especially those who have current medical conditions as they may make their conditions worse. Please check with your health care provider before you decide to use fat burners as they have known side effects. 
Whether clinically proven or improved through science and patents, thermogenic fat burners create a heated effect within the body ultimately burning more calories and fat.  You can get a number of different types.  Caffeine and green tea are of course the most popular.  But many find that they do not actually tolerate caffeine so well.  This being said, there are other caffeine free thermogenic fat burners like CLA and fucoxanthin for example.

Burning belly fat ultimately takes time, work, and patience. Exercising especially cardo: ( biking, swimming, treadmill, walking, aerobic classes, etc). offer the best way to lose belly fat when combined with an effective fat burner. You will not eliminate belly fat overnight, and frankly speaking, genetic dispositions will make it harder for some to achieve than others.  However, unlike other genetic fatty deposits, it is considerably more important to address and eliminate belly fat for your health and general wellbeing.  However, should you follow these simple steps, you will be able to effectively reduce belly fat over time and eventually get to a more ideal shape.