Why Would Endurance and Strength Athletes use Vitargo S2?!


Sunday, 23 November 2008

For decades, it has been common practice for endurance and strength athletes to consume specific meals and nutrients post-workout in an effort to enhance muscle recovery and growth.  After an intense workout a cascade of physiological reactions take place in your body, priming it for growth and repair.  In order to take advantage of your efforts in the gym, you must quickly replenish your body with the nutrients it requires, or else you could end up burning away your hard earned muscle as fast!

Endurance and strength athletes regularly consume a high-carbohydrate meal post-workout, but as time has gone on this post-workout meal has been continuously studied and analyzed to make sure the best type of carbohydrates are consumed to replenish muscle glycogen, prevent muscle breakdown and increase protein synthesis.  In the past, athletes relied mainly on carbohydrates sources such as glucose and maltodextrin.

Yet, recent scientific evidence has revealed that a new type of carbohydrates, Vitargo S2, is the absolute best source to consume pre/post-workout to enhance recovery, performance, and growth!  As a matter of fact, it’s what all the top pro athletes are starting to use now.  Many pros are exclusively using Vitargo S2 to carbohydrate load right before their competitions because it provides an incredible increase in glycogen.

What Exactly is Vitargo S2?

Perhaps you haven’t even heard of Vitargo S2?  Or if you have, you’re still not sure exactly what it is?  Well, Vitargo S2 is a very unique carbohydrate.  It’s a molecularly modified starch and is commonly referred to as a “high molecular weight glucose polymer”.  Vitargo S2 is specifically processed to deliver a molecular profile that is radically different from all other common carbohydrate sources, such as glucose, fructose, dextrose, and maltodextrin. Molecular weight is used to determine the size of molecules.  Compared to other carbohydrate sources, the molecular weight of Vitargo S2 is thousands of times greater!  Although Vitargo S2 is processed from fractionated barley amylopectin , it can also be made from a variety of other plant sources.

Absorbed Faster Than Anything:

Vitargo S2 has many benefits over other carbohydrate sources.  Its high molecular weight minimizes its osmolality, which means how much water it pulls around each molecule.  Since Vitargo S2 has a low osmolality rate, it moves rapidly though the stomach.  In fact, over twice as fast as other carbohydrates!  Other carbohydrates commonly consumed pre/post-workout, such as dextrose and maltodextrin, have a low molecular weight and therefore a high osmolality rate.  This means they pass through the stomach very slowly and attract a lot of water, sort of acting like a sponge in the stomach.  This is why both glucose and maltodextrin can cause stomach discomfort for some people.  Since Vitargo S2 rapidly empties the stomach, it’s delivered to the intestinal tract where it’s quickly digested and absorbed.  The rapid absorption provides a near instant boost in fuel to your blood and muscles and allows for rapid refueling during and after exercise, without bloating or any other negative side effects.



Spikes Insulin for Maximum Growth:

One of the main reasons you consume carbohydrates after a workout is to increase insulin secretion.  By increasing insulin output after exercise, you suppress protein breakdown, increase nutrient delivery and storage, and promote a highly anabolic environment for muscle growth and recovery.  More specifically, insulin offsets the negative effects of cortisol, a muscle wasting hormone that’s released after exercise.  Vitargo S2 spikes insulin levels nearly twice as much as other carbohydrates, including glucose and maltodextrin!  So, in order to take full advantage of insulin, one of your body’s most anabolic hormones, you’ll definitely want to use Vitargo S2 to maximize insulin secretion.

Increases Muscle Glycogen Storage:

To make the most out of your efforts training, you need to make sure your muscle glycogen stores are fully loaded and quickly replenished after your workout.  Glycogen is the form in which carbohydrates are stored in your muscles.  By quickly replenishing glycogen stores after your workouts you’ll increase muscle cell volumization and protein synthesis.  This means bigger and fuller muscles!  Vitargo S2 increases the speed and magnitude of muscle glycogen refueling to a much greater degree than other carbohydrates.  If your glycogen stores aren’t fully replenished immediately after your workouts, the recovery and subsequent workout performance will undoubtedly suffer.

Enhances Workout Performance:

The single most important stimulus for muscle growth is intense weight training.  So, if you can somehow increase your performance in the gym, you’ll achieve greater muscle growth.  Fortunately, Vitargo S2 also provides the added benefit of enhancing workout performance!  Research shows that workout performance was twenty-three percent greater after Vitargo S2 supplementation versus supplementation with other carbohydrates.  So, not only will Vitargo S2 supplementation allow you to workout at a greater intensity, but it’ll also allow you to sustain that intensity for a longer period of time!  That’s actually why many Olympic caliber endurance athletes are now using Vitargo S2 and getting incredible results!

Practical Advice or Using Vitargo S2:

Any endurance or strength athlete who’s looking to optimize performance, recovery or growth, should definitely be using Vitargo S2, especially when you consider that solid scientific evidence.  The only issue with Vitargo S2 product is its mix-ability.  Vitargo S2 can be difficult to mix in a shaker cup and to overcome this issue and improve the mix-ability and absorption, Vitargo S2 should be mixed with room temperature/tepid water and follow the directions for use on the label.  Visit www.genr8speed.com  to learn more about Vitargo S2 . To purchase Vitargo S2, visit any General Nutrition Center or visit www.gnc.com

Don’t sell yourself short and waste any of your efforts in the gym by using an inferior carbohydrate source pre/ post-workout plan. You’ll quickly notice an immediate increase in muscle fullness, recovery, strength and endurance! So… Get Out… Get Active…Get Fit… with Vitargo S2!

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