Bio-Magnetism and Water

 Cumulative Effect of Bio-Magnetism and Water on Increasing the Body's Resistance to Disease and Aging

The body is under constant attack. Environmental contaminants make their way into the air, food and water, and invade our body. Rapid environmental changes in modern society have led to a breakdown of the body's defenses and a rise in immune-related diseases.  Although we are living longer, we are really only living a longer period of time for our body to deteriorate from chronic disease associated with aging. Quantity of life, therefore, has replaced quality of life.

Throughout our lifetime, we are confronted with the mystery of why we become so susceptible to disease as we age. After many years of studying the relationship of water to disease and aging, I am convinced that the body's ability to resist disease and unnatural aging depends on the condition of the water in our body. What does this mean? It means that water is the key in providing our body with what it needs to strengthen its immune system, to better process nutrients, to maintain electrochemical balance, and to protect the cells from damage by absorbing and flushing out toxins and wastes before they accumulate and destroy them.

The mystery of understanding disease, therefore, begins basically with knowing what our body needs throughout its lifetime to maintain a consistent balance. It requires investigation; not only what factors and conditions result in disease, but also how the body reacts to hosting various destructive organisms. We also need to know what known methods can be utilized in seeking the best preventive and maintenance measures available. It also requires understanding the demands placed upon our body from sudden changes, without the body having time to adapt and allow the natural immune system to help re-establish its balance.

Health and aging depend on the quality, content and structure of the water in our body. Since our body is 70% water, a cell is 70% water, and the DNA in the cell is 70% water, then the water we put into our body must be significant in how we age and how well our body can maintain a stable internal environment to keep disease-producing influences from destroying it.
Symptoms of the body's deterioration begin to appear when the body loses 5% of its total water volume. In a healthy, normal adult, this is seen as fatigue and general discomfort. Although an adult can survive with a 5% water volume loss, this amount can be dehydrating to an infant. In an elderly person, a 5% water loss may not be fatal, but the body chemistry becomes abnormal, especially if the percent of electrolytes is overbalanced with sodium. If this percent decrease in water volume continues, the body will break down. Symptoms seen in aging, such as fever, nausea, dizziness and even disorientation will become standard. Continuous water loss over time will speed up aging, as well as the disease process itself. Not maintaining the required water volume in the body will result in continuous and apparent destruction. The body will die in less than a week without the minimum amount of water to sustain itself.

All body functions take place in water, interacting with cells. Because water is an excellent solvent, assimilation of vital nutrients and proteins take place through absorption. Water then carries those substances throughout the body to vitalize and replenish cells, and protect their exterior walls. This allows such functions as metabolism, digestion, blood flow and cellular reproduction to remain normal. However, all of these functions can be seriously disrupted when the body's water is contaminated. Instead of being a stabilizing force, water can add to the disturbance of these functions.

Studying water as long as I have has led me to identify a progression of the disease process in our body. I call this the "cycle of disease," because I have seen a direct progression of deterioration in the body as it becomes susceptible to disease. It begins with water that is contaminated with toxins and chemicals that can't be neutralized and as a result, change the chemistry of body fluids.

As contamination continues in our body, its water becomes acidic. This sets up a condition for oxygenation, which disrupts cell stability by stealing electrons. As a result, free radicals form and destroy cells. Now the body is in a state of disease. In the process of defending the body from mass destruction, the immune system is weakened. In the process of recovery, over-medication results in further weakening the immune system. This is compounded by the autoimmune system response, which attacks and destroys healthy cells. We can now see a domino effect take place, as cells continue to be invaded and destroyed.

Our natural immune system needs time to respond and help the internal environment of the body to adapt to radical changes. In the past, our body had time to build defenses to protect itself. However, today we face the constant threat of new toxins and organisms produced in the environment, which invade our body as the immune system struggles to build its new line of defense. During this process, the human organism remains vulnerable.

Much of the power of the immune system is located in the blood, where it provides protection from foreign pathogens. Antibodies in the blood locate unfamiliar molecules attached to organisms in the body and attack them. Blood is composed of 90% water. When the water, which composes most of the blood is contaminated, the antibodies become disabled and are not effective in destroying toxic invaders. Knowing the importance of water and providing our body with the best water possible can give us an edge in protecting our body.

Some Important Facts about the Body's Natural Healing Process

The body has the natural ability to repair and heal itself. This is seen in every species of life. However, we have turned away from this and rely on "modern medical miracles" to provide a quick fix for recovery from illness.

Healing requires energy. The body is a molecular structure, composed of 60 trillion cells. Cells are produced and maintain their structure and function based on energy. The production of energy is sustained by the stability of the electrons of the cell. Lost electrons create a disruption in the cell's energy supply. Metabolism is disturbed and the cell dies.

The body's magnetic wave-form must be smooth and even in order for the body to return or remain in balance.
Electromagnetic waves can be measured with instruments such as EEG and EKG. Disturbance in magnetic rhythm is seen in erratic magnetic wave patterns shown by these instruments.

Healing depends on blood circulation to bring energy, oxygen and nutrients to a distressed area of the body. This requires a continuous rate of flow and a balanced pH, between 7.35 and 7.45. It also depends on the blood's ability to prevent plaque from forming on arterial walls because of a high viscosity or resistance.

Usually we have to return our body to a state of health in three stages:

1. Detoxification
2. Re-balancing
3. Provide it with protective mechanisms against disease and unnatural aging

During this period, it is essential that we increase water consumption in order to increase intracellular hydration. However, in order for the healing process to become activated, two conditions must be present. First, the body's water must be capable of providing an internal environment to allow the body to remain in balance. And second, there must be a magnetic influence to allow the water to activate the body's energy and physiology.

The majority of medical scientists follow a common principle regarding disease. Health and disease are basically determined by states of order and disorder in our body. Disease is a disturbance of molecular structure, which results in a breakdown of cells and the bio- electrochemical processes of various systems, as well as the human organism as a whole. A natural state of order in our body is required and is directly related to a stable  magnetic waveform which helps produce, as well as distribute energy throughout the body. This waveform is necessary to keep the body in balance. Whenever the body is disrupted by internal or external destructive influences, its magnetic waveform becomes erratic. In order for the body to return to balance, a stable magnetic wave must be restored. When this happens, the natural healing responses can effectively make a correction.

The body's magnetism stimulates the biochemistry needed for the body's communication systems and for natural healing to take place. Healing begins and ends in the core of every cell. Because water composes most of the body, it is the medium for allowing magnetization to activate this healing process. Minerals that respond to and activate magnetization in the body have been depleted from our soil and drinking water sources. These minerals must be constantly replaced for our body to maintain its ability to remain stable and benefit from its magnetic energy. The body has a magnetic blue print and the source and the level of magnetism affects the level of energy. Its electrochemical plant in every cell programs all activity that takes place in the body.

Magnetism is a dominating factor in all human functions. As geomagnetism holds the earth and all life in balance, so is magnetism necessary for the human body to remain in balance. Since water is the basis of life, how it is influenced by magnetism determines how effective it is in regulating all bodily functions.

Water that is naturally magnetized can communicate and transfer information from one molecule to another and, therefore, from one system or organ to another. This is made possible by the orderly arrangement of its water molecules, traveling through the body, as they are kept aligned by magnetization. Without active magnetization in each molecule, water will not remain in an orderly structure after each impulse. Messages between cells will become distorted and there will be no steady magnetic frequency.

How Does Naturally Magnetized Water Work in Our Body?

The Japanese symbol for "Perfect Harmony or Balance" is Nariwa. This describes what we call homeostasis, the body in balance. It seemed like the right word to describe what I have found out about how important the water in our body is to bring it into a state of harmony or balance.

Ever since I discovered Nariwa naturally magnetized water in Japan, which was being used by physicians to treat serious, life threatening diseases, and began experimenting with it, I have found changes in the health status of patients whom I have studied. As a medical researcher, I have struggled for many years asking questions on the many causes of the body's deterioration and susceptibility to disease, especially diseases associated with aging. I have conducted several investigations, including controlled clinical studies and individual case studies. The results of these investigations revealed many answers to my questions.

I have exposed this water to stringent laboratory testing for safety, content and structure. I have had Darkfield microscopy done that showed its unique molecular structure, as well as its ability to influence changes in blood cells of diseased patients. The related scientific support for what this water does in the body offers a solid rationale for its use as a healing and preventive substance.

As a result of my extensive research and experimentation with naturally magnetized water, I can report four major findings:

1. The quality, content and structure of the water in our body is directly related to how well the body maintains its ability to control and prevent influences that cause it to deteriorate and become susceptible to disease.

2. Magnetization will change the structure of water molecules. Regular drinking water from our faucets or in commercial bottled water is formed in large molecular clusters (between 50 to 60). Magnetization in water will organize molecules into small clusters (3 to 5) and keep them aligned during movement and absorption. This will stabilize the structure and composition of cells.

3. If elements contained in water are magnetized, they can attract and absorb toxins and other contaminated substances from cells. These can then be flushed out before they can accumulate and become destructive.

4. Because of our diet and the condition of standard drinking water, the water in our body becomes acidic. This lowers the pH in body fluids and can change blood pH stability. As a result, a condition known as acidosis can be created over time, which results in disease. Naturally magnetized water contains a higher alkaline pH, which can help neutralize acidity in body fluids.

When a molecule of a different substance is dissolved and absorbed in water, a major structural change takes place with a completely new molecular structure. Under the effect of magnetized water, the new structure will break and change, influenced by the "magnetic signature" of the water. Because of the magnetic influence in the water molecules, the new molecule will also remain stable.

This is important regarding the molecular structure of vitamin and mineral supplements. Because the molecules are too large to be completely broken down and absorbed by the cells in water that is not bio-magnetically activated, they are mostly flushed out of the system before they can enter the cell membrane and properly nourish the cells. However, naturally magnetized water can break down vitamins and minerals into smaller molecular clusters absorb them easily and transport them into the cells.

Studies Conducted on Naturally Magnetized Water

Several controlled clinical studies, as well as individual longitudinal case studies, have been conducted over the past five years on how this water changes the way the body resists and recovers from health problems. These studies have consistently reported improvements. Findings indicate that study subjects exposed to this water over an average of two months showed an increase in kidney function. This was seen in a study that reported cell detoxification, increased cell hydration and lower pH in body fluids after three months. A major study, which I conducted, showed that over time, naturally magnetized water can stabilize harmful bacteria in intestinal flora. Improvements have been documented with patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes, asthma, psoriasis, arthritis, colitis, and multiple sclerosis.

A study was conducted using Darkfield microscopy to film blood samples of patients with long-term chronic disease. After two months, changes in blood cell structure and composition were noticeable, which substantiated improvements measured with clinical instruments. This study has been expanded to test if improvements remain or are lost after a withdrawal period from drinking this water, and if improvements will return after resuming this water.

Four years ago, a double-blind study was conducted with Alzheimer's residents at an assisted living facility on the effect of this naturally magnetized water on delaying memory loss. Significant differences were reported between groups. Subjects were also given pre- and post-PET scans. Subjects in the Experimental Group (using naturally magnetized water) showed greater glucose metabolism and oxygen flow in the brain.

After preliminary investigations discovering that persons with Attention Deficit Disorder show a high correlation with dehydration, this water was used with a large study population of ADD subjects. This study is not completed, but preliminary testing after two months report that the intracellular fluid volume has increased.

Over fifty individual longitudinal case studies reported noticeable changes in health status of patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, colitis, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, migraine and several other aging-related disorders. A most remarkable case was a woman who had been suffering from psoriasis arthritis for over twenty years. She had been given aggressive treatments, including radiation and high levels of cortisone. She presented with lesions throughout her body and limited movement in joints. She had to quit her job and could not even handle daily living tasks. After three months of drinking this magnetized water, her lesions disappeared and her range of motion returned.
These studies and cases are all documented are all available by contacting the Ohno Institute. The Ohno Institute is a non-profit, research and education center.

About the Authors

Yoshitaka Ohno, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and President of Ohno Institute on Water and Health, Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Ohno is a native of Osaka, Japan, where he received his education and training in medicine and neuropathology. Early in his medical career, he began searching for ways to stop the suffering of his patients with diseases that couldn't be treated successfully by standard medicine and had to be managed with multiple drugs. He began to realize that the side effects of these drugs were creating serious chronic problems, as well as increasing the body's deterioration. After extensive study, he because convinced that the condition of the body's water was directly related to the state of the body's health. While continuing his studies, he found that the Japanese medical community was not placing much emphasis on chronic diseases found commonly among the aging population. After receiving his Ph.D. in pathology, he decided to enter the US and accept a position at AMC Hospital in Denver, Colorado, where he could continue his research in geriatric pathology, including MRI studies on the relationship of water and cellular degeneration. His work led him to investigate the n Alzheimer's disease. As a result of his work, he received the Community Leadership Award from the Colorado Alzheimer's Association in 1987 and the Humanitarian Award from the Alzheimer's Disease International in 1993. After discovering a naturally magnetized water in Japan that was being used by physicians to treat patients, Dr. Ohno became convinced that this water could be a breakthrough in dealing with diseases that currently cannot be cured.

Howard Reminick, Ph.D., Vice President of the Ohno Institute Dr. Reminick was a health educator, administrator and program developer before joining the Ohno Institute. His specialty was medical rehabilitation, where he planned and developed several rehabilitation units in hospitals and out-patient facilities. He created an interdisciplinary model for rehabilitation, which became the model for the State of Ohio Worker's Compensation Rehabilitation Division. In 1977, he was appointed as state delegate to the White House Conference on Disabilities. Since 1995, he has worked with Dr. Ohno to develop and promote studies on health problems associated with aging. Because of his strong background in research, he was brought to the Ohno Institute to lead the team in research and development of the naturally magnetized water discovered in Japan by Dr. Yoshitaka Ohno.

This information is provided to help you better understand water’s unique composition.
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